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Weechat Commands

March 27, 2020 — ~barrow

I keep having to search for a usable list of weechat commands and keybinds.
This probably won't be that, but at least it'll help me! ^w^

This list will be updated as i find more useful things!


    • Scrolls the current buffer.
    • Switches to numbered buffer.
  • ALT-A
    • Switches to a buffer with activity.
  • /close
    • Closes the current buffer.


  • /join #CHANNEL
    • Joins a channel
    • Adds a new buffer if one does not already exist.
  • /part #CHANNEL
    • Parts from a channel.
    • Does not close the channel's buffer.


  • CTRL-X
    • Switches between grouped buffers.
  • ALT-X
    • Toggles group mode between "merge all grouped buffers" and "only show selected".
    • Changes setting per-group.
  • /buffer move NUMBER
    • Moves the current buffer (or buffer group) to the given position.
  • /buffer merge NUMBER
    • Merges the current buffer with the given numbered buffer to form a buffer group.
  • /buffer unmerge
    • Moves the current buffer out of a buffer group.

Private Messages

    • Sends a PM to the given user.
    • Opens a new buffer if one does not exist.


  • /set weechat.look.buffer_notify_default
    • Sets the notification level for all buffers.
    • Options are:
      • none: no notifications
      • highlight: mentions and DMs
      • message: all messages
      • all: all messages + all IRC events (user join/user part/user quit/etc)

tags: reference, weechat